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The Importance of Bereavement

When you learn about what hospice really is, you begin to see a beauty in it. Especially, when you encounter a good, caring hospice. Hospice not only renders to the patient's needs, but also to those of the family's. The family is the main source of support for the patient, but who aids support to the family? As a good hospice, we must be 'that' support they need. We may offer support over the phone, in person, & by letter. Our spiritual counselors and MSW's are available to assist the family in finding comfort and affordable burial options if needed. But what happens when their loved one passes away?...Hospice begins the Bereavement Process, which is special program that is offered to the grieving family over the course of a year. It starts with a sympathy card, with a heartfelt message uniquely written for each family. Our company is partnered with the National Forest Foundation who works to restore our Nation's Forests. We buy a tree & they plant it in honor of your loved one. It is a beautiful thing. We then continue to mail the family a personalized letter every three months. It is important that every family know, that they are not alone and can reach out to us if needed.

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