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Life's Too Short

Our lives are so incredibly busy that we don't stop to think.. we may not live forever, & certainly diagnosis of cancer comes along, or any terminal illness, then our world just completely collapses. The origin of palliative care goes back to the medieval times where it was a place for rest & refreshment for the pilgrims on a long journey. Inevitably those people died, & others went on. That's exactly what hospice is like. Palliative care is a is not you just coming here to die, but to live your life the best way possible with the help of caring professionals. I think as nurses we accumulate these untold stories that perhaps others could benefit from. It may help bring clarity, strength, or even purpose to those in this field.

So we've created this blog, to share among ourselves & others for emotional as well as psychological support. We want to hear your patient's story, your experience with them & if or how it has impacted your life. Life's too short not to...

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